Our team in 2017

Watson Watson Solicitors have been expanding their team of highly qualified legal professionals. In late 2016 we welcomed Jonathan Collins to the team from DWF Solicitors. His legal knowledge and commercial expertise compliments our commitment to delivering an outstanding service to our clients.

In pursuit of continuing to establish our strong team of solicitors, we remain committed to training our own. By doing so we are able to mentor our trainees to best meet our client needs at the earliest stages of their legal careers and provide them with a skill set of the highest standards we expect to deliver to our clients.

We are pleased to announce that Jonathan Down, a University of the West of England law graduate, who completed his LPC at the University of Law has now qualified as a Solicitor with Watson Watson Solicitors having been admitted to the roll in January 2017. We have also acquired three trainees Nia Jones, Jessica Cope and Jessica Mahdavi who will soon follow in the same path.
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